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Feel stable, steady, and strong with each and every movement. Super Patches are drug-free and have been clinically studied.

Balance and Stability

Balance & Stability

Greater Mobility

Greater Mobility

More Energy

More Energy

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Liberty Patch

Improve how you move, with an easy-to-use Liberty Patch, a non-invasive and drug-free technology that may assist in better balance and stability.

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Studies Show: Better Balance And Strength

Our vibrotactile patterns have been shown to improve balance by 31% and strength by 18%.

Recommended by medical practitioners for rehab and recovery, the Liberty patch is the perfect drug-free solution for renewed vitality, mobility, and a more active lifestyle.

Improvement in Balance and Stability Using a Novel Sensory Application - Haptic Vibrotactile Trigger Technology

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Improvement in Athletic Performance

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“Physical therapists in the hospital notice the improvement in their posture, their gait, and their stability.”

Steve Wolf, MD, Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon

“We talk about balance and risk of falls, and this has demonstrated unbelievable improvement in overall stability and decreased risk of falls.”

Lawrence Cox, DO, Family Physician

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Over 6 million people have used Super Patch, with some people seeing incredible results!


The technology inside the Super Patch has uniquely arranged ridges that look like a QR code, when these ridges touch our skin, our cells transmit unique signals that interact with our body's nervous system.

The inventor of these patches discovered the different signals that work with the body’s physical, mental and emotional functions, each different Super Patch has a unique ridged pattern (QR Codes) that helps with a wide array of wellness and performance benefits

Super Patch technology couldn't be easier to use! The technology is strategically placed on all of the products to be in contact with your skin, thus initiating the vibrotactile stimulation.

Yes! Super Patch technology was strategically studied and designed to provide a 100% drug-free, natural, and non-invasive solution for people managing pain, balance, and mobility issues, and have since developed many more solutions to help improve more people's quality of life. Plus, the effects are almost immediate!

Super Patch offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to try the product and experience the benefits, first-hand.